Bespoke pieces Locally made Globally inspired


Antiqua was created by Iris Yona in 1996. Born, raised and educated in Israel, the silversmith grew and evolved to work with wires and use the many forms of semi precious stones.  their properties and hues in her designs. In her own words, her life story has informed her artistic and business sensibilities. “Traveling across the the Americas and Asia inspires me to translate nature scenery and urban views to individual pieces of jewelry. Moving from Israel to the US and resetting my life in a new country, finding my new community in Southern California. The many aspects of the diverse environment enabled me to understand the power of local. In my store, I try to show case local artists’ work: hand bags, jewelry, candles, and greeting cards. In my creative state, I enjoy linking time and places. Using in my craft antique findings, pendants, Victorian buttons, and chains to create a fusion of vintage and modern and of textures and colors, trying to achieve classic balance in each piece. I like to emphasize the characteristic of a gem to reflect the individuality of the one who wears the final product. One of the highlights of my work comes from the challenge in one-on-one sessions with clients to design unique individual piece.”

Iris currently resides with her husband and two children in sunny Southern California.