Bespoke pieces Locally made Globally inspired


Aug 2017-Inspired by Solar Eclipse 

 Inspired by solar eclipse

Collection of new pieces, assortment of beautifully crafted necklaces, inspired by our natural surroundings. Pieces crafted with gems like Pyrite, Aquamarine, and Chocolate Moonstone, using oxidized silver and shiny yellow gold.


When Chocolate Moonstone meets Rainbow Moonstone, this necklace was inspired by the solar eclipse: in the final seconds before and after totality, a series of white glowing dots of sunlight, appear along the edge of the moon’s silhouette. This jewel-like display is formed by sunlight seeping through the deep valleys and craters along the edge of the lunar disk.


Nov 2017-Autumn in Northern CA

 The blue sky, yellow leafs some evergreens. Dry brown branches and trunks. Fallen leafs and bare bushes. Those were the colors inspiring me to work with these gems.